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Hello all!
Does anyone know where it would be best to search for grants for a small business?

I have researched and researched yet still do no understand how the grants process works in regards to applications, fees, etc.

Any information is greatly appreciated!
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we are looking for help our 13 year old daughter has the opportunity of a lifetime to join people to people and go to europe but my husband and i are both disabled and cannot come up the funds that are needed it will cost 6335.00 dollars and she is trying to raise money but isnt having to much luck so where do i go for help i know there is sopposed to be government grants that are for this kind of thing but we would not be able to pay it back and we think it would be good for our daughter to go as she hasnt really had any real young life good things to talk about and i think this would pick her spirits up thank you bonnie

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